Vacature RF Engineer Optimalization Brussel


Your mission
You take the technical lead for optimizing the Orange Belgium mobile network, and proposing the necessary solutions for improving the end to end network performance, based on business or operational requirements.

As RAN Optimisation Engineer, you
• Improve End to End network (voice and data) quality and customer experience, and define and lead periodic Service Quality improvement plans.
• Investigate national and local network quality issues (raised by dashboard, benchmark campaigns…) and ensure their resolution.
• Lead the Radio Access Network capacity forecasts.
• Perform day-to-day capacity management, with focus on G.
• Improve network performance by changing network parameters (frequencies, scrambling codes, neighbor lists, antenna tilts and azimuths, power, …)
• Treat ‘top bad performing cells’
• Treat customer complaints
• Support the network design and the network build team for nominal planning, or site rollout prioritization exercises.
• Collaborate with the remote (nearshore) optimisation team, dispatch tasks and follow-up tasks delegated to them.
• Be creative, think beyond standard solutions.


In addition to a contract with an attractive salary, we offer you

· an exciting employer in full expansion that offers many future opportunities for your further career in the technical sector;

· a lot of extra-legal benefits that fit your contract type and your own ps (such as a company car / bicycle, group insurance, daily allowance);

· personal contact with and support of our close team of Office Managers, Sales Managers and HR Coördinators

· a personal gift on special occasions (birthday, anniversary, ...);

· occasional treats at the yard or customer site;

· and last but not least the chance to build up a large network and to share your experiences and knowledge with other technical profiles.

Jouw profiel

Your profile
• You have an engineering degree in communication (or equivalent experience)
• Minimum experience years in com
• Relevant experience in a similar role (end-to-end network optimisation, capacity management, test analysis, post processing, GIS analysis & reporting, KPI's reporting, troubleshooting)

Your specific expertise
• Good knowledge of G GSM / G UMTS / G LTE Radio technologies (incl VoLTE/CS-FB/…) and their optimisation is a must
• Knowledge of G systems is a plus
• Good understanding of Antenna properties (gain, opening angle, size vs wavelength, effect of tilting, MIMO, massive MIMO antenna arrays, … ) is a must.
• Knowledge of RAN signalling protocols.
• Capacity Management
• GIS Analysis & Reporting tools MapInfo, QGIS, etc.
• Knowledge of Nokia Equipment is a plus
• IT skills in scripting, automation, experience with Low-Code or No-Code web application platforms, MS Power Apps, MySQL, Angular, Python, … are a plus as well.

Your soft siklls
• You are proactive
• You are a team player
• You have excellent communication skills
• You are able to take the customer experience view.

• Good proficiency of English is a must, knowledge of Dutch or French is a plus

Omgaan met stress, Zin voor nauwkeurigheid hebben, Zich kunnen aanpassen aan veranderende omstandigheden (flexibiliteit), Regels en afspraken nakomen, Resultaatgerichtheid, Plannen (= ordenen), Zelfstandig werken, Klantgerichtheid, Contactvaardig zijn, Commercieel zijn, Creatief denken (Inventiviteit), Leervermogen hebben, Samenwerken als hecht team

Architectuurcomponenten, technologieën, uitrustingen en ondersteuningstools bepalen en integreren volgens de specificaties, Procedures, testprotocollen, tests of validaties van comnetwerken bepalen en controleren, Functionele en technische specificaties van een netwerk of comuitrustingen bepalen en uitwerken (hardware, software, installatie, ...), Behoeften van de onderneming, de klanten of de gebruikers op het vlak van comsystemen identificen (capaciteit, betrouwbaarheid, veiligheid, ...), De werking en het gebruik analyserenAanpassingen, evoluties of migraties van netwerken en systeemelementen uitvoeren, De architectuur van een comnetwerk uitwerken (technisch model, economische evaluatie, modellering, definitie, ...), De capaciteit van het comnetwerk en haar verbindingen dimensioneren, plannen en opvolgen, De technische, economische, … informatie en de reglementering opvolgen en actualiseren, Het design, de specificaties of configuraties van een comnetwerk bepalen

de graad technisch secundair onderwijs (TSO)

Solliciteren Sint-Pietersvliet , ANTWERPEN
Mevr. Katia Jornik
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Vacature RF Engineer Optimalization Brussel
2021-01-09 - 2021-02-26

Aanwerving Organisatie: via Global Recruitment Selection
Contract: Permanent
Gemiddeld loon: 2000
Valuta: EUR
Address place: BRUSSEL
Land: België
Postal Code: 1000